KISS- Keeping It So Simple. We now have a new government in the Gambia and we are proud to be able to vote corrupted government out of power at the polls.
We all have seen at the airport how Gambians came out to welcome in their new president Mr Adama Barrow(Coalition) from Senegal.

The first week of the coalition government we were all confused with the miscommunications whereby Mr Fatty will say something only 24 minutes later Mr Sallah to come out and contradict him and Mr president himself not have clear facts about the topic at all.

Mr Fatty allegedly saying mr Jammeh the former president withdrawing $11.4 million 

“The Gambia is in financial distress. The coffers are virtually empty. That is a state of fact,” Fatty said. “It has been confirmed by technicians in the ministry of finance and the Central Bank of The Gambia.

 when mr Sallah was asked about that alleged $11.4 million said that’s not true. Apparently when is the Mr Barrow was asked at time about the alleged allegation he said he isn’t aware. 

Many of us were slightly disappointed regarding this miscommunications between the coalition party.

Some of the Gambian also have issue with the way mr barrow dress which remains us the former president Mr Jammeh. I think he should completely distinguish himself from the former president.

This year for the second time for someone to run for a position in The Gambia government since Alh Yukasse the former District Chief. We now have our own brother Billay G Tunkara seeking for Parliamentary Election 2017.

Some back ground about mr Billay G. He is from Suduwol village. Mr Billay started his academic journey in 90’s.He went to Daddy Jobe Comprehensive School where he finished with Distinction in all his subjects in 2009. 

He later proceed to Stratford College of Management at Westfield specialized in Information and Technology. Mr Tunkara further his academic education in Nigeria at Crescent University where he studied Political science and international relations.

He is currently a qualified lecturer at the Stratford college Of Management the Gambia. 
He served as the President for several youth Organisations in the Gambia. 

He is a great man full with youthful ideas and enthusiasm that can make positive change in our great Nation.

Mr Tunkara is contesting for Parliamentary Election 2017 .Kantora Coalition For Change. 
NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER that’s his campaign slogan. We’re all Wishing him best of luck. 
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